Why Employee Incentive Schemes are perfect for you and your Business


Employee incentive schemes

Why Employee Incentive Schemes are perfect for you and your Business

Behind every great business is a great team of employees, but actually getting your employees to perform at the best of their ability is sometimes far easier said than done, and that is where Prize Voucher’s employee incentive programmes come in. Here is a look at what we need and how it works.

What we need from you

Basically, this can be described as the brief if you like. From here it is down to you to tell us what it is you are looking to achieve from our programme. For example, do you want to reward your employees for outstanding work? Do you want to provide an incentive to encourage employees to work that little bit harder? Or are you simply looking for a fun and enjoyable way of making the workplace more enjoyable and productive? Once you have answered these and other questions to clarify your objectives, we will do the rest.

So what happens next?

Once we have received your information and your goals/targets, we are then able to come up with a vast portfolio of reward options and incentives for you and your company. We will handle all reward relations, including the initial congratulations message, issuing points, providing recognition, and following up to find out whether the winner was happy with their reward. We keep you up to date throughout the campaign via reports and updates so that you may follow the process every step of the way.

What prizes are available and does the scheme work?

As far as asking if the scheme works; the answer is undoubtedly yes, 100% as study after study has proved time and time again that employees perform better when they are incentivised and their efforts recognised. Employees are happier, more driven, and more motivated which benefits your company greatly.
As for the rewards available, well that is all really down to you and your budget as we offer over 5000 prizes/incentives designed to suit your every need. From products and experiences to travel packages – the sky is the limit.

No matter what your budget, no matter what your brief, and no matter the size of your team of employees; Prize Voucher is here to take the hassle, the time, and the worry out of managing your rewards programme. Our employee incentive scheme can be tailor made and custom fitted around your every need and requirement and the end result will be driven, motivated, happy, and productive members of staff, many of whom will end up the lucky recipient of some of our amazing prizes. If you want to become more successful and want your members of staff to be more productive, then contact us today regarding our employee incentive schemes and programmes and let us help you be as successful as you can possibly be.

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