Rewarding Employees for Living the Organisation’s Corporate Values


Corporate Values

Rewarding Employees for Living the Organisation’s Corporate Values

According to ‘Great Place to Work’; how employees experience recognition is one of the most important factors in their overall perception of their company as a workplace. An employee’s sense that everyone has the opportunity for special recognition is more closely related to their experience of a great workplace than factors such as competent leadership, special and unique benefits, and even fair pay.

They also state that, while recognition programmes are important for ensuring a positive experience of the workplace, they can also be leveraged toward promoting a strong and unique company culture resulting in living your organisations’ corporate values. Most organisations have a set of company values that help drive their behaviour and decision making. Companies can put their values to work by building recognition programs around behaviours associated with their values and then recognise employees for demonstrating those specific behaviours.

There are many ways companies can use recognition strategies to award behaviour they find valuable in their employees. Prize Voucher Agency has the expertise and up to date metrics to ensure that your key company values are well communicated, encouraged and recognised throughout the orgnisation. Our longstanding experience in employee recognition programmes could be what your company is in need of.

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