Promoter Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

Promoter Legal Requirements

The successful execution of a competition relies heavily on the ability to manage all the processes involved. Here are a few guidelines to ensure all legal requirements are met and effectively executed.

Competition promoters must:
•Prepare competition rules before the beginning of the competition;
•Make the competition rules available to the Commission and to any participant, on request and without cost; and
•Keep a copy of the competition rules for three years after the end of the competition.

Also important is that a promoter must afford the participant an offer to participate, which in turn has to give the participant the following information:
•The benefit or competition to which the offer relates;
•The steps required by a person to accept the offer or to participate in the competition;
•The basis on which the results of the competition will be determined;
•The closing date for the competition;
•The medium through or by which the results of the competition will be made known; and
•Any person from whom, any place where, and any date and time on or at which a person may obtain a copy of the competition rules; and a successful participant may receive any prize.

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