What are the different levels of employee engagement?

 Levels of employee engagement

What are the different levels of employee engagement?

According to Human Capital, the 101 on levels of employee engagement are:

  • Engaged employees: Employees that are highly connected to the mission and vision of their individual organisation or department and the mission and vision of the entire company. They share strong values and ethics in order to succeed in accomplishing their organisational goals.

  • Average employees: They will readily admit they could be more productive and take on additional responsibilities, but their deficit of engagement prevents them from pursuing more tasks. Often they lack company spirit as they feel unappreciated by their supervisors and fail to see how their individual contributions relate to overall results.

  • Disengaged employees: Not connected to the vision and mission, this group of employees do just enough work to keep their jobs. They give off negative energy and tend to focus on the barriers to individuals and organisational success.

A company’s ability to identify the levels of engagement in the workplace plays an important part in the engagement module as a whole. Most importantly employers can do a great deal to impact on people’s level of engagement if identified correctly. Employee engagement is measurable, can be correlated with performance, and varies from poor to great.

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