Peer to Peer Nominations

Peer to Peer Nominations

Peer to Peer Nominations

Who amongst your staff are the driving forces to the organisation’s success? How can you manipulate your reward and recognition programme to maximise their strong suits and stimulate the rest of the organisation? The bottom line in any organisation is that management cannot be everywhere at once. The key to appreciating your staff’s contributions and ensuring they do not go unnoticed is to capitalise on peer to peer recognition. By encouraging your staff to take note of their colleagues, you are directly encouraging higher performance in their day to day work. In addition, you are motivating team work, inspirational conduct and the embracing of your organisations core values and behaviours. Visualise the impact of such a programme on performance assessment with staff actively bringing attention to their colleagues’ positive attributes, individual strengths and personal principles, based on actual events and contributions conducted by each nominated staff member. Nominations can be made via manager-to-employee, peer-to-peer, or employee-to-manager to an individual or a team. These are actual contributions that you will be able to archive per individual per year – a true reflection of their value to your organisation.

How does it Work?

Whether the organisation consists of as little as a handful of staff members or thousands of staff members, it resembles an interdependent community in which everyone is contributing towards one main objective and realising success as a team. When your work force establishes a strong sense of both ownership and joint identity, your accomplishments and success become theirs and vice versa.


The website is tailor made to each client according to their corporate identity and the campaign theme; emphasising the organisation’s key values, mission statement, and the key behaviours and performance criteria to be adopted. You as the client choose your own rules and procedures according to your desired campaign goals. Employees nominate their colleagues by completing the online form which includes the selection of one or more of the key criteria you are encouraging (such as going above and beyond, customer service excellence, innovation, exceeding sale targets, etc.) and a motivation box which allows them to elaborate on the key criteria their chosen nominee has achieved. A selected board of heads can then assess the nominations to decide which of the nominees become winners and award a set amount of points on a set date. Alternatively, managers can be given the responsibility to allocate points from their budget based on each nomination on a more instant basis.

Recognition and Employee Engagement

The website not only provides actual recognition of staff by listing their names and achievements which they, their colleagues and their managers can view, but also empowers them to continue their high performance. Colleagues are in turn encouraged to increase their performance in hopes that they too may be recognised.


Monthly reports reflect the nominees, the key values they achieved and the motivation for their selection which elaborates what exactly they accomplished. The rewards that have been redeemed in the past month are also included. The reports allow you to depict who the highest performers are and thus assist in identifying the employee of the year.


  • Peer recognition gets everyone engaged 

  • Facilitate genuine praise and recognition at all levels 

  • Promote success throughout the group 

  • Built-in rewards stimulate enthusiasm and motivation 

  • Create accountability and positive results 

  • Streamline administration tasks 

  • Educating and rewarding staff members for supporting your organisation’s culture and values is easily achieved by commemorating your success collectively


  •     Customisable award nomination forms

  •     Individual or team awards

  •     Assign nomination review boards

  •     Winner uploads

  •     Point allocation guidelines or set rules

  •     Winner notifications

  •     Email notifications

  •     Communication system with custom templates

  •     Extensive points-based rewards catalogue

  •     Option to provide your own rewards

  •     Reports

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