Employee SMS Solutions

Employee SMS Solutions

Simplifying your communication to your employees through instant SMSes

Within the very busy schedules of managers and employees, who have deadlines and back to back meetings, there is the challenge of insufficient time allocated to communication; an important element in driving the business message.

SMS solutions provide your business with the advantage of constant communication to always inform your employees of any important company updates and events instantaneously and with a higher ‘read rate’ than email communications.

Features and benefits:

  • Send SMSes to individuals and groups from the internet

  • Personalise outgoing messages

  • Scheduled messages to be sent at a later date

  • Appointment reminders and customer service SMS updates

  • Notifications and staff communications

  • Calendar & schedule alerts

  • Enable mobile campaigns to connect with your customers

  • Event promotion and alerts


SMS for only R0.21
For over 50 000 Bulk SMSes please contact us for pricing

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