Reward Services

Reward Services



Depending on the complexity of the campaign it is almost always best to start with surveys. We offer online, USSD, and Mobi surveys to gain the vital feedback you need from your staff, sales channel employees, sales reps, managers or merchandisers, before launching a campaign that both embraces the needs of the participants while effectively incentivising them to achieve your ideal objectives.

Scorecard Balances

scorecard balances

For the more data intensive and strategy orientated performance campaigns we offer a balanced score card tailored and designed to your objectives. The balance scorecard can be implemented on an organisational level, a departmental level or a team level and, by linking it to a customised reward programme, assists in increasing employee motivation and performance while tracking the programme’s overall effectiveness.

Reward Shop

Reward Shop

Prize Voucher Agency boasts a catalogue of over 5000 products, electronics and experiences. We are satisfaction driven; meaning that should we not already stock what you or the participant is looking for we will source it for you. In additional to this we also offer weekend away packages and international travel incentives for the more specialised reward or incentive.

Reward Fulfilment

reward fulfilment

We manage all the reward related activities such as loading the participant’s points on the website so they may shop at their leisure, managing the orders placed, receiving the ordered items from our suppliers and sending them onto your offices or the individuals home address (depending on the agreed delivery mechanism). We also manage all bookings adding that personal touch and service to each winner.

Warehousing and Distribution


Our incentive and reward services include all the logistical requirements; including deliveries and storage. This is especially useful with long service awards where set prizes are offered but only distributed every 3 or 6 months. We will place the orders, store the items and distribute when needed. We also offer our warehousing and distribution as a standalone service.

Internal Communications

internal communications

Behind any successful campaign is effective, continuous and fun communications sent to all those involved (from management to employees). Our communications include monthly newsletters, regular motivation exerts and nomination reminders available on a range of different media platforms. We ensure that each and every participant is both aware of the campaign and embraces it.

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