Competition Management

Competition Management



Based on the information you give us in your brief we develop the perfect strategy. The information we require to develop your complete competition strategy and implementation process will also assist us in recommending the best type of promotion to meet your objectives; for example on-pack, in-store, scratch cards, Facebook, online, etc.

Winner Fulfilment

Winner Fulfilment

From the strategy we go onto what we do best - ensuring 100% happy winners through our dedication and flexibility. We create and manage everything from the winner phone scripts, the winner liaising, the campaign and winner reporting schedule, to the photos and write-ups we acquire post campaign for PR purposes.

Prize Sourcing & Management

prize sourcing

Our prize sourcing and management spans from prize suggestions, instant prizes, the prize portfolio, to travel packages. That’s right; from recommending relevant prizes based on the target market and budget, accommodating instant wins through SMSed vouchers, offering a full range of prize types, to winner specific travel packages – we cover it all.

Entry Mechanics

entry mechanics

Our entry mechanics include SMS entries, USSD entries and physical entry boxes. We manage all the entry mechanics (from set-up, observation, entry consolidation and the audited draws). We also recommend the best entry method for your target market to ensure the maximisation of entries.

Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

Our winner and prize fulfilment services include all the logistical requirements, including prize deliveries, insurance and storage. Should you simply require us to warehouse your prizes and assist with the distribution without managing the competition, we offer this as a standalone service.

T&C’s & Legal

competition terms and conditions

From comprehensive fully inclusive terms and conditions to cover all the entities involved in your promotion, to audited random draws; we cover it all. All our terms and conditions are customised to your specific campaign and included in our winner fulfilment services. Should you require us to check your terms and conditions when making use of our prize sourcing, we are happy to assist. We also offer our terms and conditions as a separate standalone service.

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