Winner Fulfilment

Winner Fulfilment

Winner Fulfilment

Winner fulfilment can be stressful, time consuming, financially draining and logistically impossible, which is why it is best to outsource your requirements to an expert. Prize Voucher Agency cover all your winner fulfilment needs professionally and efficiently with precision, flexibility and passion. Our specialities include the below.

Winner Scripts

To ensure that our booking ladies adopt and promote your brand at its best we provide winner scripts approved by you to be used for all phone calls and winner relations (including emails and SMSes). A strict procedure is also customised per campaign, guaranteeing 5 star service throughout the campaign.

Winner Relations

We provide a complete solution for all your winner needs to ensure a smooth, successful and hassle free roll out of your campaign. From the initial congratulations call, checking the entries, to following up on the winner’s prize satisfaction; we manage it all.


Reports and updates are provided throughout the campaign to ensure you are kept up-to-date on every aspect of the campaign and the winners.

PR Generation

Once the prizes have been distributed or booked, we follow up with the winners to ensure they are 100% happy. We also acquire and pass on their feedback so that you may use it for PR purposes.

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