What are Sales Channel Incentive Programmes


What are Sales Channel Incentive Programmes

When attempting to increase sales and create drive amongst your sales team, it is imperative to use a programme that both ignites your employee’s motivation and incentivises them to excel. A well executed channel incentive programme creates a virtuous circle in which both channel partner and vendor are motivated to collaborate to attain improved performance and achieve pre-defined goals.

Additionally important is ensuring that the sales force, are enticed by the rewards they are offered.
Incentives exist to increase sales and the right incentive programmes as well as correct management can make a world of difference.

The purpose of a sales channel incentive programme is to:

  • Drive sales targets and KPI accomplishments,  

  • Better client service and sales excellence,  

  • Amplify sales referrals and cross-selling prospects,

  • Retain high performing sales staff,

  • Increase brand loyalty,

  • Build on product familiarity and sales capabilities, and  

  • Grow high margin product sales.

Sales channel incentive programmes are designed to engage and motivate your organisations sales team and to strengthen sales channel partner relationships. No matter your sales objectives or campaign concept, Prize Voucher Agency can assist you in implementing a sales award programme that will get maximum results.

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