Prize Sourcing

Prize Sourcing Management

Prize Sourcing Management

Prize sourcing can be a difficult and time consuming feat when you have so many other commitments to focus on, which is why outsourcing to Prize Voucher Agency should be a priority. From finding the products to negotiating discounts and managing the delivery, we guarantee the ultimate in service delivery while saving you money. Our specialist prize fulfilment services cover the below expertise.

Prize Suggestions

Promotions consist of various manageable aspects; one of the most vital being the prizes. Choosing the correct prize for your target market as well as ensuring that it is enticing to all consumers – enough so to make existing consumers increase their purchases or inspire first time buyers – can make or break a great competition or promotion. We provide a complete list of prizes based on your brief and budget.

Instant Prizes

For instant wins, to drive sales and generate immediate gratification, we offer the following:
•    Airtime,
•    Store vouchers,
•    Instant cash prizes,
•    Movie tickets, and
•    Restaurant vouchers.

Prize Portfolio

With over 5000 prizes available off-the-shelf and tailor made packages to meet your budget; Prize Voucher takes the worry and hassle out of prize sourcing.
Examples of our prize categories include:
•    Products,
•    Experiences,
•    Store Gift Cards,
•    Branded Products,
•    Events, and
•    Travel Packages.

Travel Packages

Prize Voucher Agency acts as a travel agent, so you get travel agent rates. Whether you are looking for that “WOW” factor or have something specific in mind, we can assist. We specialise in local, international, fully inclusive luxury itineraries, cruises, sporting occasions and customised event orientated packages, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect prize for your promotion.

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Winner Fulfilment

Winner Fulfilment

Winner Fulfilment

Winner fulfilment can be stressful, time consuming, financially draining and logistically impossible, which is why it is best to outsource your requirements to an expert. Prize Voucher Agency cover all your winner fulfilment needs professionally and efficiently with precision, flexibility and passion. Our specialities include the below.

Winner Scripts

To ensure that our booking ladies adopt and promote your brand at its best we provide winner scripts approved by you to be used for all phone calls and winner relations (including emails and SMSes). A strict procedure is also customised per campaign, guaranteeing 5 star service throughout the campaign.

Winner Relations

We provide a complete solution for all your winner needs to ensure a smooth, successful and hassle free roll out of your campaign. From the initial congratulations call, checking the entries, to following up on the winner’s prize satisfaction; we manage it all.


Reports and updates are provided throughout the campaign to ensure you are kept up-to-date on every aspect of the campaign and the winners.

PR Generation

Once the prizes have been distributed or booked, we follow up with the winners to ensure they are 100% happy. We also acquire and pass on their feedback so that you may use it for PR purposes.

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Types of Promotional Competitions

 Types of Promotional Competitions

Prize Voucher Agency is a below the line marketing company that assists in sourcing specific, personalised prize packages. We bring the best prizes, packages and value deals directly to you so that you can reward every entrant or provide a main prize for one lucky winner. Our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction.  See below for the type of promotional competitions Prize Voucher Agency can assist with.

Event and Conference Prizes

During an event or conference prizes could be distributed in a lucky draw. A lucky draw is also a great way to acquire business cards (and client details) at an exhibition. If you are hosting a team building event or need prizes for a treasure hunt, we can also assist.

Event-and Conference Prizes

Golf Day Prize Giving

With a prize giving, you have the ability to provide every golfer with a prize, therefore giving them a guaranteed incentive for their participation and support. Let us source some unique combinations for you, adding a distinct difference to your golf day.


Doing market research and want to incentivise people to take part in your survey? Offer the participant a chance to win an enticing prize for taking part, therefore both encouraging and rewarding their participation.

Internal Competitions and Lucky Draws

Internal Competitions and Lucky Draws

Need to outsource your company’s competition and prizes? Prize Voucher Agency has a selection of prizes that we can customise specifically to your target market and budget.

Employee of the Month

Want to motivate a team or thank them for their hard work? Offer them some fun teambuilding activities or treat them with a voucher that they may enjoy with their friends or family.

Employee of the Month
On-pack competitions

On-pack Competitions

Promotional competitions can be printed on your packaging allowing buyers to stand a chance to win a prize and be rewarded for buying your item. It can be printed on a label or the packaging, added as an insert in the packaging itself or provided as a coupon together with your product.

End of Year Gifts

For your very loyal clients, we offer Premium Prizes which can include unique and exciting experiences as well as luxury items.           

End of Year Gifts
In-store Competition-

In-store Competition

Whether you are running a promotion via in-store material such as banners or posters, physical entry boxes or scratch cards, Prize Voucher Agency can assist you with the entry mechanics, legal requirements, and the prize sourcing and winner fulfilment.

Facebook Competitions

Need prizes for your Facebook competition or a weekend away package? Prize Voucher Agency can assist with some exciting prizes to fit your budget as well as the competition page or entry mechanism on Facebook.

FaceBook competition
img2 Sweepstakes and Contests

Sweepstakes and Contests

Whether you would like to reward existing consumers, draw attention to a product, or simply build a database through entries that are not linked to an actual purchase; Prize Voucher Agency can assist.

Gift Cards

Should you require a company to quote, deliver, and load cash cards; then we are at your service. We supply Visa gift cards that can be used at any pay point that accepts credit cards (making the winner/recipient’s choices endless). The cards are available in black or red and we offer competitive rates on bulk purchases.

Gift Cards

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Competition Management

Competition Management



Based on the information you give us in your brief we develop the perfect strategy. The information we require to develop your complete competition strategy and implementation process will also assist us in recommending the best type of promotion to meet your objectives; for example on-pack, in-store, scratch cards, Facebook, online, etc.

Winner Fulfilment

Winner Fulfilment

From the strategy we go onto what we do best - ensuring 100% happy winners through our dedication and flexibility. We create and manage everything from the winner phone scripts, the winner liaising, the campaign and winner reporting schedule, to the photos and write-ups we acquire post campaign for PR purposes.

Prize Sourcing & Management

prize sourcing

Our prize sourcing and management spans from prize suggestions, instant prizes, the prize portfolio, to travel packages. That’s right; from recommending relevant prizes based on the target market and budget, accommodating instant wins through SMSed vouchers, offering a full range of prize types, to winner specific travel packages – we cover it all.

Entry Mechanics

entry mechanics

Our entry mechanics include SMS entries, USSD entries and physical entry boxes. We manage all the entry mechanics (from set-up, observation, entry consolidation and the audited draws). We also recommend the best entry method for your target market to ensure the maximisation of entries.

Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

Our winner and prize fulfilment services include all the logistical requirements, including prize deliveries, insurance and storage. Should you simply require us to warehouse your prizes and assist with the distribution without managing the competition, we offer this as a standalone service.

T&C’s & Legal

competition terms and conditions

From comprehensive fully inclusive terms and conditions to cover all the entities involved in your promotion, to audited random draws; we cover it all. All our terms and conditions are customised to your specific campaign and included in our winner fulfilment services. Should you require us to check your terms and conditions when making use of our prize sourcing, we are happy to assist. We also offer our terms and conditions as a separate standalone service.

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Fulfilment Benefit

Fulfilment Benefit

Save Time


Prize Voucher Agency has already set up an extensive supplier network, offering a variety of prizes from all over South Africa. You won't have to source your own prizes or coordinate with the winners - let us take care of all your prize sourcing and winner fulfilment needs with the knowledge that your concepts are in experienced hands.

Save Money


Prize Voucher Agency has already done all the price negotiations for you. This means that you will not have to deal with the hassle of back-and-forth dealings with suppliers. Our extensive industry knowledge and relationships with our suppliers will ensure that you get the best prices on the best products and services.



Our service includes a comprehensive prize package, which is tailored to suit each company's needs. Simply pick your ideal products and services from our catalogue and rest assured that Prize Voucher Agency will meet your needs. From concept to execution, each client's incentive, reward and prize experience is effortless and professional. You will be kept in the loop on the progress of your project, which means no unpleasant surprises!



Prize Voucher Agency has professional and reliable contracts with all our suppliers. All the infrastructure of sourcing and liaising with winners is already established. This means you don't have to worry about suppliers delivering prizes too late, or clients not being able to redeem their experiences. The emphasis is on providing you with a quality and reliable service.

Brand Awareness


Incentives, prizes and personalised vouchers can be branded with your company’s logo. This is just another proud Prize Voucher Agency feature. The branding can act as a reminder of who gave the prize or incentive, and the excitement that it generated.

Perceived Value


Prizes and incentives are associated with luxury and professionalism. We believe it's imperative that the recipient feels rewarded and satisfied with the product as a whole. After all, you will benefit from the knowledge that each recipient is fulfilled and that their experience was unforgettable.



Our services are tailor made to both you and your winner’s needs. Our primary objective is 100% happy winners and clients, which is why we go above and beyond when it comes to personalised requests and preferences. Rest assured that if it can be done – it will be done.

100% Redemptions


Prize Voucher Agency ensures a 100% prize redemption rate. This means that no matter the prize, all the winners will receive their product or enjoy their experience booking. Often winners may take some time to provide the necessary delivery details or desired dates for a booking, which is why we implement regular follow-ups and deadlines. We will ensure all your prizes are distributed accordingly.

Exceptional Service


The Prize Voucher Agency team pride themselves on service levels that go above and beyond. Whether it is sourcing unique prizes, negotiating discounts or managing the winners – we ensure complete transparency, constant updates and short response rates. You are the client and your needs are our speciality.

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