Tips on Implementing Social Recognition in the Workplace

Tips on Implementing Social Recognition in the Workplace

Take steps to ensure that recognition is fairly and equitably instilled. If acknowledgment is focused on a few individuals or teams, those left out can become demoralised and eventually put in less effort—the opposite of the intention behind your social recognition programme. For companies that do attach financial rewards to their social recognition efforts, be careful not to inadvertently deploy measurably discriminatory compensation practices.

Focus on core performance measures and core values. Recognising employees for activities that are unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of their positions is much less effective than recognising them for good performance. Think about what you’re recognising your employees for and how that falls in line with your company’s core values.

The best social recognition programmes build support for the pillars of your company. If an organisation’s own values are not taken into account, social recognition may even end up reinforcing behaviours company managers are seeking to avoid.

Don’t limit it to a top-down model. Peer-to-peer social recognition can also offer benefits to your organisation’s culture and workforce while reducing the burden on management to constantly give feedback. Everyone likes to be recognised by the boss, but employees also enjoy receiving compliments from their peers. By encouraging appreciation among peers, you can create an open, collaborative, and supportive environment, which is more likely to produce positive business results.

Buy-in: For social recognition to be useful, your employees need to believe that it is effective. Encourage your managers to recognise employees whenever they can, and to thank employees when they notice them encouraging one another. Think about how you’ve successfully implemented new programmes in the past and try to replicate those strategies. Finally, talk to your employees; explain why you think this will work and ask them what they think. They know better than anyone how they would like to be recognised.

A social platform allows participants to be recognised for outstanding behaviour, discuss work and campaign related material and share photos and comments regarding their rewards and the entire experience of being rewarded and recognised. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a social recognition programme that caters to your specific recognition and reward requirements.

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