Annual Awards

 Annual Awards

Annual Awards

Particular times of the year call for commemorating your staff for their annual performance or combined monthly achievements in order to reinforce the organisation’s values. Prize Voucher allows you to do just this by enabling nomination submissions, the identification of top contenders, recognising and communicating winner names, and providing set rewards or a catalogue of prizes from which the winner may choose. Our annual awards programmes are custom developed to optimise the company brand and motivate your hard working employees, while our services range from assisting in building a programme from scratch or restructuring existing programmes to illicit a more positive response.

How does it work?

Our annual programmes allow the participation of your entire employee count or a specific department if preferred. As well as the online website, regular communication in the form of emails or SMSes, and the recognition page (which allows the announcement of winners) ensures that staff have constant reminders to participate and that key behaviours and expected performances are reiterated.

The purpose of the programme is to:

  •     Reward your top performers,

  •     Provide individual or team awards,

  •     Motivate your staff while also reinforcing that their contributions count,

  •     Highlight the company values with regards to individual and team performance,

  •     Identify and reward your high flyers, and

  •     Encourage staff retention.


  • Cost effective and easy to use nomination process managed by Prize Voucher. 

  • Awards may be based on sales, performance targets, overtime worked, client service, or work excellence. 

  • Provide your own rewards or choose a selection of rewards provided by Prize Voucher. From prizes to branded gifts – we provide a wide variety of quality items to fit your budget. 

  • Email notifications and reminders to managers and participants. 

  • Your company branding or campaign theme is incorporated on the website and campaign communication templates. 

  • Extensive points-based rewards catalogue (optional). 

  • Campaign reports.

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